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There are currently two prebuilt containers for bovine:

both containers are based on alpine linux and the 3.11 and 3.12 indicate the python version. The containers are tagged with the bovine version.


The difference in image size of 45 MB for python 3.11 and 97 MB for python 3.12 is caused by having to compile some dependencies for python 3.12. Expectation is that the python 3.12 image will be able to be shrunk to a sub 50 MB size eventually.

Usage example

docker run -v bovine_user.toml helgekr/bovine-3.11 python -m bovine.ed25519_key

We note that these containers are probably not useful on their own, but can be used as a base to build containers using bovine. See


There exist similar containers for bovine-herd, see: